Ymr_nakamura_lgsoichi “John” Nakamura, President, founded Tec/West U.S.A in 1973 in Santa Monica, California. Through John’s experience as a National Sales Manager of a major electric company in his native Japan, John believed in his abilities and products. The company beganvery modestly with only three employees and initially sold electrical specialty products such as germicidal and halogen lamps to the medical industry.

As the business prospered, Tec/West grew in both size and stature. The current facility is located in Los Angeles California. The company expanded into the office equipment market, providing lamps, as well as many other consumable parts and supplies. Over the years, Tec/West has become a trusted source of excellent quality products to customers such as, dealers, distributors and OEMs.


The majority of business is domestic however the company also markets products world wide to countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico and Switzerland. Tec/West advertises through the media and the worldwide web, but has found its number one source of business is the referrals of many satisfied customers.

Tec/West’s competitive edge comes from the loyalty of our customers. “We provide excellent quality products on a consistent basis. In addition, because we are smaller than many of our competitors, we are able to customize our services to the needs of each individual customer” explained Mr. Nakamura. Tec/West does not just want to meet customer needs; they strive to exceed expectations. “We believe in our products and our customers believe in us. We stand behind what we sell.”


Tec/West will only provide product from select manufacturers. We carry the highest quality germicidal and specialty lamps available. In addition, we provide consumable parts such as lamps, photoreceptive drums, fuser rollers, cleaning rollers and cleaning blades for the copier industry. To insure the highest quality, we purchase the majority of our products from reliable sources in Japan.

We also source items from the United States. We are very selective, because we believe that our customers deserve the best products available. We are very careful to protect our reputation in the industry as being one of high quality and integrity. Quality is our trademark. Personalized service is our mark of excellence.

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